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Welcome to A la mode BroTHERS Custom Tailor


We are the famous tailor in Hong Kong. We have one of the best custom tailors. We are proud to celebrate our 10 years existence as one of Hong Kong’s Best Tailors. What sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to quality, price, attention to detail and customer service. Each tailor hired at A LA MODE BROTHERS experience in skillfully cutting and sewing as fabric as per precise measurements.

Furthermore we are one of the few in the tailors who manage an in-house team of tailors
Which gives us an edge when it comes to deciding on little things which can make a big difference in the grand scheme of things (Buttons, linings, shoulder padding, zippers, threads). The end goal of our service is to create a “New Look” and let out clothes speak for themselves.

After all, our customers are our ambassadors and We guarantee that once you have tried A LA MODE BROTHERS’ Bespoke suit or shirt just made for you, you will never want to go to any other tailors.

We have many fabric collection such as Lora piana, Dormeuil, Zegna, Holland Sherry etc…..